On GSP and enlightenment under a cashew tree

He remained our dear English teacher admired and loved by all. He was also our dear House Master. As I recollect now, most of the times I used to draw a blank on being quizzed on my lessons in the class. However I remember clearly this one occasion in the house study room while concluding the daily roll call on a Saturday evening he enquired “Who is this? The one who had not deposited with me the weekly letter home?”

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Cross Country Races and shoulders to lean on

For all I know, the race was going to be the mother of all . I knew it since I watched being discussed endlessly and was being speculated to be a fight between yellow and green for the Cock House finish. The winner would claim and kiss the coveted Cock-House trophy for being the overall winner. The mounting desire that each cadet nurtured to out do each other was no hidden secret and I was no exception. Thus everyone got readied for this one last test. Route familiarization, rehearsals, strategies, pairings, were all being carried out with utmost precision.

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SocksBall Cricket | Kazhak’s own IPL.

When they decided to make cricket more popular they came up with a form called IPL which had its own set of rules to start with. Team allegiances were changed and the country wise fan following were jeopardized by the affinity for the local team. Same happened in the backyard of the Houses of Kazhak when cricket had to be played. But we went a bit too far with modifications.

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Sainik School Cadets' Mess

Remembering NBN Sir and the March of the Losers Brigade

He said, ” No matter whether you are weak or sharp, bright or plain, talented or ordinary, a winner or a loser in the eyes of the world, this school belongs to you, this is your school and your are an integral part of it as much as all those military leaders, national heroes, successful bureaucrats, acclaimed artists, mass leaders, leading professionals, corporate honchos and enterprising businessmen who passed through its gates into a life of greatness and fame.

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Remembering Mr PCN | Tom Dooley, Wayward Wind and Tharian.

He would lead the practice sessions with his whole soul and body. We would follow suit, all the while, with the band desperately and helplessly trying to catch up, some times upping and sometimes dipping the pitch, but all in vain. Gosh! How I wish they realized in those days, that the only music that the average Kazhakian had in his blood was the monotonous cadence that went on and on, like that bee on steroids.

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The Kazhakootam Beach

MK Unni | Dynamite Comes in Small Packs

Unni Sir guaranteed each of the footballers two years of meaningful life with a sense of accomplishment and one which they could cherish for the rest of their life.Overcoming challenges, his Warriors marched on and he lead them from the front even while negotiating the whirlpool of personal tragedies which life throws up regularly to make the journey increasingly interesting. He led us to a point where winning and losing ceased to matter and then led us on further, molding us into leading life king size, and maybe end up as believers of karma.

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The Kargil Heights as the intruders turned tail

Remembering Capt. Paul Bastine

When I see the, hoisted national flag outside my office waving gently in the slow breeze, my heart fills with the memory of all those soldiers known and unknown who gave up their today to keep our tomorrows safe and all those who lost their life to keep our nation flag up there, flying. And it dawns on me yet again that I am an Indian and then my heart starts echoing the parting words of Rambo in First Blood, my childhood hero I grew upon and I join the chorus with all those brave hearts,”Do our country love us as much as we love it ?”

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The Million-dollar-picture by a Man who wore House boat Shoes – 2.

He was trying to copy a very complicated Vedic scene. Dayafter day, he made exquisite progress, from the crown, he progressed to then the gadda, sketched the armor, shield, all of which of course with the printed picture exactness. A trifle irritated by the sudden disturbance to his deep fugue, and to appease the demanding crowd, he quickly sketched a landscape, with a Jeep plying over a bridge as the central theme, and handed it over to Roy, dismissing the crowd back to their seats.

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Faujified in the Art Class

The Million-dollar-picture by a Man who wore House boat Shoes -1.

It wasn’t just adultery that roamed the dark corners of the Art Class. At times when Roy was around in session, even medieval torture and eerie natural forces made their presence felt too. It also had its surprising after-effects. Art Class gave me one of my staunchest allies in my gleeful journey to depravity, my thicker-than-blood-brother, dear Mukkulam aka Roy V Mathew.

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