Marching Ahead | The Craftsmen, the Teaser and a Blessed Initiative

The Poster of Marching Ahead | A documentary on Sainik School Kazhakootam

The Poster of Marching Ahead | A documentary on Sainik School Kazhakootam

The Annual General Body Meeting of the OBA Reunion every year is not exactly something that is looked forward to by any old boy on the campus. Rather, it is that drab piece of ‘official’ business that comes with the whole celebration, that needs to be addressed and get done with !

So, when Jubith started off on his official report on the status of the short movie on Sainik School Kazhakootam, the rustle, crackle and impatient patter of the half-drowsy, half-hungry audience never faltered a bit, but something magical happened in the next moment. The screen came alive with the teaser of the project and it seemed as if the muggy afternoon itself perked up its senses along with the crowd, rapt in attention on the projection screen.

Though yours truly had gone through that teaser a few times, and loved what I saw, a part of me was still deeply curious on how theΒ  fraternity would react. The defining answer came in the collective chuckle as a right foot clad in patent leather Oxford pattern shoes desperately stole a quick buffing behind its left partner’s ankle onscreen – an act every single old boy sitting there could easily identify with, and in that lay the validation of the young team’s efforts – this was going to be enjoyable and entertaining, when the young Turks were done with it. All the very best guys !

The Teaser of Marching Ahead – Our very own Movie!

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We caught up with Jubith Namradath from the Class of 1998 who is spearheading this team-effort for a quick chat on their journey towards realising MARCHING AHEAD for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Here is how it went.

KAZHAKS 90 : The history of the school spans 5 decades. How difficult was it to get a hold of the idea of compressing history of that in 1 hour yet retain the flavor of the present?
Jubith Namradath : We made the History brief and gave importance to Memories that would collectively bring in nostalgia to the students who have passed out of the school over the time span of 5 decades.

KAZHAKS 90 : How was the general approach decided? Could you possibly share a rough road map of the aspects you factored in the scripting process?
Jubith Namradath : These collective memories were planted on 4 scripted characters that passed out of the School. We inter-cut between their past and present.

KAZHAKS 90 : How was the response with the faculty and the Old Boys with the idea and the initiative? Could you possibly share a fond moment?
Jubith Namradath : The school put up the idea, so it was fairly a smooth road. The greatest moment of all would be that call where in I was asked if I would be able to take this project. I don’t think I thought twice. πŸ™‚

KAZHAKS 90 : As an Old Boy of SSKZM, from a third person’s perspective, is the project shaping the way you envisoned it?
Jubith Namradath : The Project is definitely shaping up the way, we thought it would. In fact, the scripts getting better, with each draft.

KAZHAKS 90 : It is undeniably a team effort. Could you let us in on your team members also?
Jubith Namradath : Yes. It’s undeniably a team effort. The core team includes

  • Saji Kadampattil, the Music Director. We have worked together in my last 2 short films and an incomplete Hindi Feature film 4pm On the Court (2011). Raw is the word to describe his music.
  • Sreekumar, the Editor, is known for his Editing in the Malayalam feature film Paatinte Palaazhi (2010). He does the coloring too.
  • The duo Aravind Ramachandran and Shajeer Basheer handles the camera. Aravind passed out of Sainik School in 2001. His Roll number is 3246. Aravind and Shajeer worked together at Prasad Labs, Chennai. They know all about lights, leaves and the rain.
  • B Ahammed Sukarno, Roll Number 2879 and the Treasurer of Old Boys Association, is the Production Controller of the movie.
  • Jayakrishnan S Nair, Shyam Krishnan and Saneesh Raj assist me. Of this, Jayakrishnan passed out of Sainik School in 2007. His Roll number is 4015.

KAZHAKS 90 : When is the tentative release date?
Jubith Namradath : The tentative release would be on the last week of September.


About Jubith Namradath

Jubith Namradath From Kerala, India, Jubith Namradath’s early attempts at blending unique and literate, yet intelligent visions through a medium called cinema was at his alma mater, Sainik School Kazhakootam. Starting with water colors and charcoal, and equally at ease in the company of words, Jubith was adjudged the Best Artiste of the Year on his graduation in 1998. A qualified engineer in Electronics & Communication, Jubith also did a short stint as a UI Specialist at Xchanging Inc at Bangalore and Chennai before deciding to pursue his passion full time.
Jubith’s published short stories and articles for print and the web could be found at his personal blog. He has completed 4 short films to critical acclaim and is now with his 5th, an hour long documentary scripted on the history and life of Sainik School, Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, on the eve of the school’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations Year, 2011.

Checkout his blog here.

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  1. hey guys,

    good site and good memories.

    great effort by all those who are recording the memories and keeping history alive.


    • The Kazhakian says: (Author)

      Dear Yadu,
      Glad to know it helped take you back to the campus. It is still a work in progress and yes, you appreciation means a lot. Regards..The K90 Admin Team

  2. I remember Doordarshan shooting a classy documentary of our school in the eighties. It was shown in the regional transmission and was well made.

    I think what makes your effort different besides being very elegant is the personal touch..warts and all!

    Keep it up Jubith.

    We are eagerly looking forward to the movie.

    I am sure it will achieve a lot of acclaim even outside our circle.

    If ever in Vizag ping me.

    Rock on.


  3. Thanks a lot, Amaresh, Sreekumar. πŸ™‚

  4. Amaresh Sakhardande says:

    DAMN COOL….. Dont know the technical words for it, however a very nice and different cinematography…

  5. Thank you, Soni. πŸ™‚

  6. Sreekumar says:

    looks good……………….

  7. You got another fan here, Jubith πŸ™‚ And certainly no one better than a decorated Special Forces officer to be the Prez of the fan’s club. Good luck for the documentary.

  8. Thank you, Prince. πŸ˜‰

    I am a big fan of your article on TPR sir.
    Don’t resign the President post when you see how it had influenced us in the movie. πŸ™‚

  9. Prince Jose says:

    Yeah man Jubith,
    Adipoli… longing to see the final product.
    Kindly note down Jubith Namradath’s Fan Club President’s Contact
    Major Prince Jose, SM

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