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Jubith Namradath and his crew have released the second teaser of the documentary on Sainik School Kazhakootam, Marching Ahead.

Titled Let’s Assemble”, the 3 :08 minutes long modules gives a sneak peek into the actual ‘body’ of the documentary, from what we could gather traces the life of a cadet from his entry into school till his graduation through the school’s hallowed portals, flitting in and out of his life, on campus and off it.

One also got a snatch preview of some of the established, respected and familiar faces from mainstream Malayalam cinema on cameos through out, which is kind of exciting and refreshing.

Makes one deeply curious on the parts they play in this ‘digital cadet’s life in a virtual world’ :), and how it would turn out in the final product.

Here is the Second Teaser of Marching Ahead – “Let’s Assemble.

Read about the Preview of the First Teaser here.

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  1. Awesome folks:)…really nostalgic 🙂

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