The First 2015 OBA Delhi Chapter Get together is here


A get together of the OBA Delhi Chapter of Sainik School Kazhakootam is planned on 19 Apr 2015 at the Army AD Mess (8 Parade Road, Behind Loreto Convent School, Delhi Cantt) at 1130hrs followed by lunch.

When : Sunday, 19 April 2015, 11:30 am onwards

Where : Army AD Mess (8 Parade Road, Behind Loretto Convent School, Delhi Cantt)

All old boys/students in town along with their family are requested to make it convenient to attend. To start our preparations may I request everyone to indicate their availability/attendance either via the Quick Contact Form below or to any of the old boys indicated below:

You may also email back your confirmation in this forum or to my email id.

The organisers do not expect the per-head expenses to go beyond Rs 800/- per adult ( above 12 ) and Rs 500/- per child ( 5-12 years ) attending the event.

Would appreciate if you could also re-post this link in your class mates/Kazhak- Bar forum for wider footprint.

Count Me In !

 The Event is now Closed.

For more information

Col Neeraj Mehrotra : 9811540860 | Capt CP Vinod : 9013307565 | Col TJ Ajith Kumar : 9013885913 | Cdr MH Rajesh : 9953504846

Reaching the ADA Mess. / Loreto Convent School

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