Meet-up of the Malabar Chapter of the OBA, Sainik School Kazhakootam


The Malabar Chapter of our OBA is meeting again. A get-together is arranged at Hotel Paramount Tower, Town Hall Road, Near Railway Station, Kozhikode on 2nd March, Sunday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Reviving the OBA Malabar Chapter.

It will be a fantastic opportunity to revive the Malabar Chapter of the OBA Sainik School Kazhakootam and rekindle the nostalgia of our SSKZM days. So please be there with families ( only legally wedded spouses ). The timing is so chosen that all of us north of Kundannur Bridge and south of Netravati Bridge can make it without a problem. Others have to just take a little effort to cross the respective bridge based on which direction they are coming from. That is all!

When : 2nd March, Sunday from 11 AM to 2 PM

Where : Hotel Paramount Tower, Town Hall Road, Near Railway Station, Kozhikode

In short, we solicit and expect wide participation. We will pick you up from the Railway Station/Bus Stand on specific request. The subscription is expected to be Rs. 600/- per head. Old students who are still students will be charged only Rs. 400/- per head (correspondence/post- retirement LLB/ management pending retirement/ IGNOU and Annamalai University students will not be eligible) and children below 12 will be exempted.

Please intimate your attendance with solid and liquid dietary preferences to or call any one of the organising team.

Contact Team.

Dr. Sunil Rajendran (Roll No. 2152) 9446807707
Col. Sherry Peter (Roll No. 1377) 9747004255
Capt (Retd) Ramesh Babu (Roll No. 888) 9619322215
Dr. Ashish Bens (Roll No. 3393) 9447481181

Getting to Hotel Paramount Tower, Kozhikode.

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