The Space, which is the birthplace of everything from stars to light to colours, ignites my imagination. The never ending journeys through space and time experienced during my meditations become my subjects.

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About Athira Sajith

Athira SajithFrom Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, Athira Sajith’s childhood had her deeply interested in the textural and sensory wonderland of wall murals that dotted the temple walls of her town. It was only natural that those traditional lines & form became her earliest inspirations in creative expressions. After completing her Bachelors in Chemistry, she instead decided to immerse herself in exploring the chemistry of emotions and ways to express them on different media, subject matter, and techniques.

Expertly flitting between realism, contemporary and abstract, Kerala style murals have stayed her primary domain of interest and creative output, creating visual statements that invoke emotional responses that are deeply personal. She has, in the course of her creative journey, received a Diploma in Mural Painting from the university of Kerala and Bachelors in Fine Arts from the university of Mysore.

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Current & Previous Exhibitions

Naimisharanyam- Kerala Mural Painting-Athira Sajith


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Get in Touch with Athira

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A Portrayal of Emotional Essence

Athira Sajith - ArtistEven as a child, I was fascinated by the intricate yet enormous works of mural paintings which adorned the walls of Sri Padmanabha temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The characters, often depicting stories from the puranas, had a larger than life image and I used to stay spellbound at the very sight of them.

Later on, when life presented me a chance, I took up learning mural painting as being done in the temples sticking to the traditional school while dealing with the colours, postures, mudras and ornamentations. Going indepth into traditional mural painting helped me understand other traditional Indian arts like miniatures, thangka paintings, line drawings etc which, in turn helped me experiment this style in contemporary art as well.

In my paintings, I like to convey the emotional aspects of the characters, especially in the Kerala style mural paintings.

Contemporary art which gives maximum freedom to express oneself started evincing more interest in me. Paintings relating to spirituality where art can serve as an instrument to spread joy, truth, togetherness, reality and universal love became my subjects. I found that through the visual medium of canvas and colours, I could communicate to the outer world about my inner world, my intuitions and imaginations and furthermore the wanderings of my soul.

As a serious practitioner of art from a country with a rich cultural heritage, I would like to portray the essence of the values, traditions and virtues which define India through my works.

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The Kerala Mural Paintings Exhibition Catalogue 2014

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Athira Sajith-Kerala Murals Painting Exhibition by DC Books-2014

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