Marching Ahead | The Final Cut

The project which overshot its timeline and allegedly its budget, leaping across some very generous estimates had found itself in a major roadblock with the final product, directed by Jubith Namradath.

Marching Ahead | The Making

This collection of photographs, comes courtesy of Jubith Namradath, director of Marching Ahead, the documentary on Sainik School, Kazhakootam and gives you a sneak peek into the effort that went into the execution of the project.

Marching Ahead | The Second Teaser

Jubith Namradath and his crew have released the second teaser of the documentary on Sainik School Kazhakootam, Marching Ahead titled Let’s Assemble.

OBA Reunion 2011 | Marina’s day out

This is a collection of photographs across the day from an exhausting bunch of fantastic memory shots captured on Marina Smolya’s camera. She was one of the first to arrive for the Reunion, reporting at 0745 hours and stayed on till the end of the proceedings. She was also our self-proclaimed official photographer for the event.

OBA 2011 | Of Doorways, Pathways and Changes

Gone are the cast-iron single tables with their equally clumsy and heavy single chairs that once populated the cadets’ classrooms. The cold cement floor has gladly given way to its ubercool cousins, the walls are cheery and adorned with students’ creativity. We had complex patterns from pigeon excreta to power our drowsy Zoology afternoons.

Sainik School OBA 2011 | PSu Speaketh

Marina was the only lady representative from the family side of our batch. She was also our official photographer and has clicked many precision angled and timed photographs of OBA 2011. I heard that the much appreciated local drummers who put up a good entertainment at the ground for all the crowd, found Marina more entertaining. They kept on asking many questions and Marina was not getting the right words to give answers.