The VKK Auditorium at Sainik School Kazhakootam
Pix Credits | Pradeep Thankappan

OBA 2011 from Dr Pradeep Thankappan’s picture-box. All rights and credits belong to the good Doctor !
Pradeep TT is from the Class of 1991.

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6 Responses

    1. Dear Sarath,
      Thank you and hope to see you around more often in these parts. As far as being a Kazhak is , aren’t we all ? 🙂 ..Regards..The K90 Admin Team

    1. thanks my dear, & i should take notice when u say that…. This was a very spl OBA for me.. the most emotional one, since we left the school.. I went all out to my bosomest friends and delved inside to my insides..

      1. Dear Pradeep,
        The love shines through. Its a fabulous set of memories captured for posterity..Thanks.

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