OBA 2011 | Pradeep TT’s perspective

The VKK Auditorium at Sainik School Kazhakootam
Pix Credits | Pradeep Thankappan

OBA 2011 from Dr Pradeep Thankappan’s picture-box. All rights and credits belong to the good Doctor !
Pradeep TT is from the Class of 1991.

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By The Kazhakian

The online janitor of Kazhaks90, who keeps the "Common Room" in a semblance of order, and loves sharing anything relevant to Kazhaks worldwide.


    1. Dear Sarath,
      Thank you and hope to see you around more often in these parts. As far as being a Kazhak is , aren’t we all ? 🙂 ..Regards..The K90 Admin Team

    1. thanks my dear, & i should take notice when u say that…. This was a very spl OBA for me.. the most emotional one, since we left the school.. I went all out to my bosomest friends and delved inside to my insides..

      1. Dear Pradeep,
        The love shines through. Its a fabulous set of memories captured for posterity..Thanks.

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