1115 hrs | At Patel House
1115 hrs | At Patel House, Sainik School Kazhakootam

This is a collection of photographs across the day from an exhausting bunch of fantastic memory shots captured on Marina Smolya’s camera. She was one of the first to arrive for the Reunion, reporting at 0745 hours and stayed on till the end of the proceedings. She was also our self-proclaimed official photographer for the event.

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  1. Dear Marina,

    This is brilliant. I havent visited the school since I left it in 1989. What have they done to my obstacle course ? We had so much secret seven /Famous five inspired fun inscribing msgs under the bark of the Eucalyptus trees there. It looks very overgrown now. Also looks as if they have changed the seating in the Mess from horizontal to vertical.



  2. Dear MH,

    it was my pleasure! I really enjoyed the day, every hour of it – a whole world is there, not jsut a school! 🙂

    Hope to see you next time!


  3. I m really thrilled after seeing these photographs. Barring few of the friends others are still in proper figures to be still recognisable beeju,lijo, premdas,vinusagar,pradeepct,peesu,sajithcs and our beloved honourable english teacher shashi sir and very sorry to be very specific about others. It seems that a lot many things have changed since we left the school , The areoplane , the auditorium and the mess having plastic chairs instead of the benches but having the same seating arrangement are stiil the same. Our hostel bed and cupboard has not changed at all and hope still the housemasters must be residing on the top .
    Thanks to baby and soni( as mentioned by MH if u r there in the photograph)

    1. Macha,
      Nothing much has changed..most of it is a new coat of paint..Yes, the inevitable change in utility convenience..as you mentioned on chairs, tables – they were bound to happen. 🙂 But regardless, the moment you cross those gates, once inside the campus, make no mistake – you magically change into that mischevous 12 year old..THAT , I guess, would be impossible to change 🙂 …Biju

  4. Dear Marina,

    It has been 12 years since I visited school. I am so thrilled to see your photographs.

    Thank you for doing a splendid job of it.

    Im surprised my friend didn’t show you the bunking routes, dhobi ghat, piggery, Chantavila, Kazhakkuttom town etc which is the seamier side of school life that Im eager to see.

    Im determined to go there for the silver jubilee.

    We will catch up then.

    I must say Lijo looks ~seventeen even today! It must be genetics as I remember seeing his ‘young’ father way back in 1990’s or is it Russian Care?. God bless anyways.

    I could not recognise his friends barring a few.

    Hoping to catch up in Dec/Jan with the gang.

    Thanks one again to Sony and Biju for the uploads. It has been a season of nostalgia. And Luckily Iam ashore.


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