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  1. Kudos to the class of 1990 for their great efforts. Wishing you the very best. May the nostalgia remain lit for ever…..

    Air Vice Marshal KMS Pradeep VSM (Retd)

  2. Hello Everyone
    I had the pleasure of reading Major Jose’s blog”Remembering Pcn Sir” . As one said, reams of anecdotes will not suffice if one were to describe him. Being his nephew, i feel very lucky and blessed to have his guidance throughout.

    Best Wishes
    Dr Govind Nair

    1. Cant agree with you more Doctor.
      The closest that I’ve come across that captures what Sir was, actually cascades down from his own words defining a teacher’s duty.

      “A teacher’s bounden duty is to burn himself out like a candle while attempting to provide light for all those who come to him…”

      You were blessed in a special way to have enjoyed a close proximity to that radiant glow!

  3. its a revival of the old bulletin, and reading through was really invigorating and soulfully nostalgic. keep doing the good work.
    love and regards

    1. Glad to know that Sir. Hope this becomes the first amongst other consolidated initiatives in reaching out and bringing the OB communitymore closer, together. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Indeed very impressed by the initiative by the doctors in North Kerala. In addition to our chapter meet the OBA should involve ourselves in social projects which will be beneficial to the society. Great initiative by the doctors and Ramesh Babu.

  5. An excellent initiative.Really impressed with the site and your activities.Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Colonel for your encouragement and goodwishes. We hope this transforms into a hub of information and engagement for every member of the OB fraternity of SSKZM. Regards, Kazhaks90

  6. Dear K-90 team

    came across this site by accident. Good work by your team. keep growing.
    Austin (1638/ 96)

  7. I am the wife of Lt Col K V Thomas who was killed in the copter crash near Ranchi on 19 October 2011. I was deeply touched when I saw the tribute you have put on the page for him.
    I am also grateful for the fond and deeply moving note In Memoriam of Lt Col KV Thomas, by M Balachandran ( 697/1976 ).

    He always wanted me to come and see his old school and had promised to take me there as he held his Alma Mater in high esteem. I will have to make the visit alone now.

    With regards
    Annie Thanjan Thomas.

  8. a very good effort… im an alumnus of SSA.. 2001 PASSED OUT…an amaravian… it was too good to watch and realise how good was those days… took me to my school days.. hats off to the creators…

  9. Hi Biju, this is really homecoming. Thanks for creating it. Keep it going. Intend coming back often.

  10. Hi Biju, Congrats!
    Commendable effort and dedication seen here…
    Best wishes
    Bejy Mathew (1652/1986)

  11. Hi K 90s
    It was a treat to see this Kazhak spirit. Great job and keep it going.
    May the tribe of Kazhaks prosper.
    CK Babu (1266/82/Shivaji)

  12. I am delighted to see this site.Very well done friends.Took me back to my good old days in SSKZM.
    The photos and articles were a nostalgic treat.
    Sunil.K,1466 Batch 1984

    1. Dear Sunil,
      Thank you so much for those kind words. Glad that it helped you connect with your Sainik School Days.
      If there is anything that you would like to share, please feel free to send it across and we would be delighted to publish it at our UpperClass Men Column, meant for our Seniors’ perspectives.
      Thanks again..
      The K-90 Admin Team

    1. Hi Satchi,
      Blame it on the Holidays 🙂 Prince is a bit ‘tied-up’ but it wouldn’t be an impediment to his ramblings, I’m sure :)..Biju

    1. Hi Arun,
      Thank you for those kind words. The Kazhak Chronicles is, as wesay, a work in progress as more of the boys keep pitching in with their fondest memories. Glad you loved what you saw. Consider yourself welcome anytime.
      The K-90 Admin Team

  13. hi!!! congrats n keep it up……reading through the write ups takes me back to the school compound n school days ….the various routes taken to kazhakootam, various mango n coconut trees climbed, various “kappa”s stolen, the number of rounds run around the dorm as punishment,…..list is endless…thanx a lot for all this

    1. Hi Rajesh,
      The present Kazhakootam is not even a pale ghost of its former self, its the Mall-version! I guess the memories of the beef-Chilly Fry from Shyamala bakery would linger as long as we are around. Thank you for your kind words on the site. Consider this your open invitation.
      Warm regards,
      The K-90 Admin Team

  14. HI there. Excellent work !!!! Sent me traipzing back thru the memories. Especially since the current crop crop of memories and photos are very different from those of our times.


    1. Hi Sabu,
      You just laid out out right there – “the current crop crop of memories and photos are very different from those of our times.” But I guess, each batch views the life at SSKZM from a different perspective. We might have been plain lucky to be the of the kind that had less of technology and more of real bonds. Thank you for taking your time out to leave your impressions..It is still a work in progress. Needless to say, you are welcome anytime.
      The K-90 Admin Team

  15. Dear Mighty Kazhaks,

    Woww…what a wonderful place to 12 yrs down to you all…this shows the unity of Kazhaks,the spirit of Kazhaks…

    This is motivating. Appreciate the whole batch.


    1. Hi Cyril,
      Glad to know that you love the place. Regardless of the fact that we are separated by a decade, the spirit still remains the same. Hope to see more of you around, sharing and reliving the lfie at Kazhak.
      Warm regards,
      The K-90 Admin Team

  16. The design, background and flowing ideas, Great. This is inspiring. I expect my friends too will soon boom in with a similar idea.

    1. Thanks Rajesh, for your inspiring words 🙂 The effort has been, more than getting the brotherhood online, to be a place to share the wonder years, everything good and bad that have made us what we are, the good, bad and the hilariously funny ones included. Have a great day…Biju

  17. I completely agree with Sanjeev…..Congrats and thank you Biju and all who contributed to the creation of Kazhaks90….Chronicles written by Prince and photographs of our wonder years and others are simply amazing,….great work….thanks once again

  18. Bijukutta,
    One of the finest web sites in terms of the intensity of nostalgia it creates. Congrats to you and all who contributed to its creation. Let me know your contacts so that I can give you a long “jaadoo ki jhappi/pappi” (as you wish), when i am in B’lore

  19. Hi pops (i’m 13 years junior to u guys dats y)……

    I felt glad flipping through your pages, its inspiring n motivating…..frankly it gave a nostalgic feeling, although i had no clue of what is being talked about….its sooo nyc 2 c how much the kazhaks bond……

    flt lt kapil
    r no 3511 / 2003 batch

    1. Hi Kapil,

      Its surprising that 13 years junior could warrant such a form of address.
      ( Isn’t Pops an informal term for Father?)
      Glad that the pages and memoirs here could evoke a sense of belonging and nostalgia about your years at SSKZM.
      The themes, memory bites and bookmarks discussed here are all about aspects of Kazhak that have been an integral part of our Wonder Years at Kazhak.
      Drop us a line in case you feel us Pops could be of any assistance,

      The K90 Admin Desk

    1. Hi Syam,
      Great to have you coming by. Glad you liked the place. Feel free to give us a tinkle for any assistance.

      The K90 Admin Desk

  20. MH, great to be back in touch again. This was never meant to be a race..:) It just came about as a natural requirement of the times. And its helping our batchmates interact,connect and engage in a way that is frankly inspiring. Hope to see more of you in these parts. Cheers.

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