It’s not every day that you get to meet a Submariner who is also a mountaineer, its very rare ( as rare as the Oxygen levels in that altitude – to use an excruciatingly bewildering catchphrase ) to find one who has made it to the THE SUMMIT ( well, almost ) and is right amongst us.

Come 2014, it would be 10 years since our own Lijo Chacko made it to 8300 m on Mount Everest and had to turn back, in his own words, “or run the the risk of  a physical condition, which left unattended under those severe circumstances would have lead to a  restricted  form of mobility.”

As the Base Camp Manager for Indian Navy’s expedition to the summit of Everest in 2004, a first by any Navy in the world, Lijo was in the final climb team till a seemingly innocuous abrasion developed into a full-blown threat under that rarefied and dangerous circumstances, 28,000 feet above sea level.

Meticulous as ever, he had kept a journal of the entire expedition, where he studiously pencilled in the daily events and activities dipped in wry humour, which somehow lay unattended amongst his personal effects till now. The journal is now online, enriched and embellished with online resources that are relevant to the subject matter, and brings you up close and personal “through the eyes of one of the finest teams that had ever come together to summit the highest peak on the planet ! “

Read it at

Lijo says, “Though it is from a personal perspective, it also serves as a faithful and resolute book mark of a phase in our lives which rarely comes in a lifetime.”

Reading through 8300m, you’d be compelled to agree.

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