Three Old Boys were enjoying the rain at Kochu Kadavanthra in Kochi. Attached picture provides documentary evidence. One of them is a famous doctor and he talked about other old students practicing in and around the city.

It was then and there, in the rain that the idea struck. Can’t old boy doctors of SSKZM conduct free medical camps? We could have such camps at different locations, conducted by our old students. Exclusive SSKZM Medical Camps, linking our alma mater to the society at large. A few weeks before, in April, the Malabar Chapter had resolved to take up some social activities. There were ten doctors at that get-together. Could they not come together and get the ball rolling?

The Free Medical Camp by Kazhak Doctors

Free Medical camp at Kadalundi Nagaram by Kazhak Doctors
Kadalundi Seashore : Pix Credit & Rights : Ajay Sekher

Co-ordinators of the Malabar Chapter and doctors in the area have been toying with the idea since then. The idea in the rain at Kochi finally takes off this week-end at Kadalundi. We are getting together to conduct a free medical check-up camp on Sunday, 23 November from 0900 to 1300 hrs. It will be conducted at the coastal village of Kadalundi Nagaram in Malappuram district. The Vallikkunnu Panchayath Primary Health Centre at Anangadi, in Kadalundi Nagaram is the venue. Vallikkunnu is from where our PTI, Mr. Unni came and the Health Centre there is headed by Dr. KP Sreekumar (Roll No. 1341). It is close to a coastal village and an ideal venue for such a camp.

All the doctors we contacted have readily agreed to participate, some with their spouses. Old Boy Specialists in cardiology, gastro-enteritis, ENT, gynaecology, paediatrics, general medicine and dental medicine will be there at the camp. Some of them are coming in all the way from Kannur, Perinthalmanna and Pattambi. Medicines will be made available by our old boys representing leading pharma companies in the area. Some local philanthropists are contributing medicines and medical/social workers are supporting the camp. In addition, some of us, including a parent will be providing all the admin and moral support. \

The Kazhak Doctors at the Medical Camp

The SSKZM Old Boys team solicits your good wishes and support. They currently include Dr. CG Sajeev (719), Dr. V Rajeevan (1069), Dr. Mohan Kumar (1332), Dr. KP Sreekumar (1341), Dr. KG Ramakrishnan (1438), Dr. Saju Xavier (1496), Dr. Vinod Kumar C (1583), Dr. Sunil Rajendran (2152), Dr. Sunil Prashanth (2315), Dr. Mehul R Mahesh (2385), Dr. Rupali Mehul Maheshwari, Dr. Ashok Jayaraj (2559), Dr. Ashish Bens (3393), Dr. Anitta Ashish, Dr. Gokul Das A (3659). Mr. Madan Mohan (1337) and Mr. Roy Jacob (1435).

Old Boys working for leading pharma companies have arranged for medicines to be distributed at the camp. The medical team will be assisted by Mr. George Joseph Bens (Ashish’s father), Mr. C Raveendranathan (887), Capt. Ramesh Babu (888), Col. Josey Joseph (902) & family.

We also request doctors and other old students to come together and conduct more SSKZM Medical Camps at other locations.

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  1. Came across the site through my friend. Im rohit rajappan roll num 4234 2009 passout…Really happy to see the medical camp initiative,Im in calicut right now (NIT Calicut) and would love to volunteer.Please send me the necessary details so that I can come n take part in this initiative.


    Rohit Rajappan

    1. Dear Rohit,

      Thank you so much for this. Do call Capt Ramesh Babu on 09619322215. He has already been informed . Kazhaks Rule ! 🙂

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