Dear friends,

As you are all aware, I had the proud privilege to coach the SSKZM Basketball Team (Classes XII, XI and X) for 07 days from 01 June to 07 June 2015.

The programme was as under:-

I. 0600 – 0800 – practice at SSKZM ground on all days.1430 hrs – leave for CET (indoor court). Practice sessions till 1700 and back to SSKZM by 1800 hrs.

My comments are as under:-

1. SSKZM Boys are full of Josh and eager to learn. They were good at Basic Skills and I helped them to hone their skills further.

2. Stamina – This area needs further improvement, as I found that many boys could not complete the various drills undertaken, due to lack of stamina. I have requested Principal to do the needful.

3. Further practice – The team will need to practice further (mornings and evenings) to improve their skills as well as stamina. Once again, Principal has intimated that he would do the needful.

So, let us hope that the SSKZM teams do well in the South Zone and the ‘Harshan Memorial’ championships.

Capt-Louis-George-MeprathThere was a small tea party organized by SSKZM on Saturday (06 June). A large number of OBs also attended and watched the SSKZM team practice. The OBs then had tea with the Basketball Team. TKC Sir, Soni, Jain, Pappan, Major Suresh and some more OBs were present.

Last, but not the least, thanks to the 1990 Batch for organizing this 7- day coaching event. Thanks are also due to Principal, HM, Registrar, Senior Master and other Masters and the PT Instructors for organizing this event in an efficient manner.

We need our immediate attention here

Friends, I forgot one thing -the Basketball boards (Fibre glass) needs change.

One of the Boards is cracked and is being held together by nuts and bolts. It may crack again and fall down any day. Proper Fibre Glass Boards (a set of two) would cost not more than Rs. 1,00,000/- this includes dunking rings also).

Would be great if any OB / batch sponsors these. If willing, kindly do so ASAP, as South Zone Championships are in early July 2015.

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