A Life Lived and Served Well

In a moment lies infinity
And a moment contains eternity
Ashore eternity we stay, all seven and our mother
Frozen, watching him ascend to life eternal

Even as the fate swoops down to nail and bury the memories
The eerie void inside, shattered by the recall
Of the anecdotes of a planter, banker, jeweler, timber merchant, a farmer
Remind that he had seen it all, from a pauper to the Pope,
And now yearns to fade out into the agonising silence.

The memory of the creaks of the planks of “Valia Palam
In sync with his bouncing steps still haunts
Cascading the reminiscence of his animated reflection
On the water-lily packed canal ripples, besides the “Inchan thara” (Pump house)

Like a Christmas dew that captures and reflects
All the shine of all the stars in this Universe
In him crystallised the friendship sparkling
Radiating through his gentleness and warmth

Many a blessings that Heaven showered on
Many a community affairs and social functions
Were channelized through his beaming smile,
Whilst he dared its exhausting glare

The cross of an honest living, he carried for us
And gave us freedom four dimensional in turn
Lavishing us with enough space to tread our own chosen path
And the luxury of fixing a point on timeline, till his breath last

When Heaven came calling, fresh from an oil bath he was,
Intoxicated, not with his regular supply of fine blend
But with a vision of Heaven above,
Relishing grape wine with Jesus, his best friend

The season has ended and it’s time
For the dew to hit the dust
Remember, the dew was soft and tender while it was there
Let’s be soft and tender in its remembrance


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