The Flame of Remembrance event, lit for Capt Harshan at the Parachute Regiment Training Centre, RT Nagar, on Saturday, December 10, 2011 was also covered by the Bangalore edition of the Malayalam dailies with equal fervor, and mostly due to the concerted efforts of a spirited band of Kazhakians from the Bangalore SSKZM Alumni Chapter.

Mathrubhoomi Bangalore Edition’s Coverage.

Tribute to Capt Harshan at Parachute regiment HQ Bangalore 2011

Remembering the Heroic Operation.

Naik Aswini Kumar and Naik Uday Kumar reminsces about Capt Harshan, 2011

Malayala Manorama Bangalore Edition’s Coverage.

Manorama's coverage on the Flame of Remembrance for Capt Harshan at Bangalore


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