The Final Cut of the Documentary on Sainik School KazhakootamAt last, redemption !

Project Marching Ahead, the media initiative by the school, in association with the Old Boys Association of the school to conceive and create a documentary on the school in its Golden Jubilee year at least has found some traction at last. The project which overshot its timeline and allegedly its budget, leaping across some very generous estimates had found itself in a major roadblock with the final product, directed by Jubith Namradath.

The Sainik School academic committee found the final product far removed from the basic tenets around which the project was conceived in the first place, as a motivational, inspirational and as an academic recruitment tool. The ‘final product’ again went through a series of iterations – re-edits and additions with the aid of a different team to realise the proposed objectives, set forth for the initiative. It is learnt that the current Registrar of the school, Lt Col Suresh Kumar of the 1987 batch  ended up becoming the  de-facto  editor and director behind this ‘redeeming’ effort with  technical support by this firm  called Scriptum productions.

About the new Teaser

The teaser looks every bit the ‘motivational’ tool the school set out to make in the first place, and the surprise package ( and a very clever ploy that leverages the circles of influence) has to be the appearance of Prithviraj, popular actor and and Old Boy of the school in the teaser, and the documentary.

The road map ahead on the mode of dissemination and marketing of the documentary has not been made available at this time but we are certain that once a media plan is finalised on, it would be shared amongst the Kazhak fraternity.

Till then, here is the Teaser of the Documentary’s Final Cut.

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