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The objective of Kazhaks90.com,the online meeting hub of the Class of 1990, from Sainik School, Kazhakootam, when it went live in 2010 was simple. We wanted an online presence that shared our school stories with all our buddies spread across the globe, and be an unofficial meeting place for Kazhaks across years to feel at home, interact and find worthwhile content related to school and the life at Sainik School Kazhakootam.

3 years on, we are absolutely floored, overwhelmed and amazed ( not to mention, a wee bit proud ) of the reception and acceptance of Kazhaks90 across the various batches of Sainik School kazhakootam, and how content from the Kazhak Chronicles have become subjects of discussion and active feedback across social media groups online, related to our alma mater. We have also realised that the scale and scope of an online property such as ours that have been carefully built over the last years along with the active engagement and goodwill of a community that encourages and supports us could be channeled to higher levels with some focussed effort.

We have given it some serious thought on this new direction of Kazhaks90, and have decided on a course of action that would be worthwhile in all respects for all the members of the Class of 1990, in particular and the Kazhak community in general. It took us a while to get the right balance of content and avenues of engagement hitherto unavailable, and we are still a work in progress, but this is the final result. And its now live.

The first among the new features that you will find here is the Kazhak Emporium – the pre-cursor to a full-fledged shopping experience for the alumni of our alma mater. We have gone live with the first level of the Kazhak Shop (which right now is in its Demo mode but can seamlessly switch over to active once we receive the original content).

So here is what can be done right away at The Kazhak Emporium.

1. If you are a Kazhak or have a loved one with a creative bend of mind and a prolific output, and have a repository of artwork ( paintings, murals ) or collectibles that you would like to feature on an online shop shelf that reaches the Kazhak Community and obviously the Web, for free, send us a note and we will walk you through it.

2. If you are a Batch Representative of those who have a back log of Batch apparel and collectibles lying post your batch-sponsored OBA fest, send us a note and we will help you feature them here.

This is just the beginning.

The Class of 1990 has some exciting stuff brewing online for the Sainik School Community. And we are just getting started.

Thank you once again, for your enduring love and support.

– The Kazhakian.

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