Dear SSKZM alumni,

The OBA Delhi Chapter get together was held on 21 Dec 2014 at the AD Officers’ Mess at Delhi Cantt, over lunch and PLD. A total of 51 old boys attended the event along with their family members. The photographs of the get together would be uploaded shortly. Col (Retd) Isenhower (429) has agreed to update the Delhi Chapter directory and I have send him the requisite information already. The same would also be uploaded in the next couple of days.

The wonderful ambience for the get together was thanks to Roll No 1309 col Neeraj Mehrotra who has assured the availability of the venue for the next meet as well.

The get together had everyone going back the memory lane with the old photographs being screened. The gathering made it clear that the Malayalam school song is still sung with the same gusto and spirit. The Class of 1990 also welcomed all present for the next reunion under their aegeis at the school premises. The get together was joined by our ex-registrar Brig(Retd) RNP Singh who shared his thoughts with all. Overall an afternoon of catching up fuelled by good food and wine removed the Delhi chill out of the bones.

The next G2G is planned in April 2015.

A small request to all for the next g2g. Prior confirmations of your attendance with exact details of family members attending makes the planning for catering etc easy. Any changes in plans of attendance may also be indicated in good time to avoid excess payments to caterer which becomes difficult to account for post the event.

Thanking one and all for your cooperation and looking forward to seeing more of our old boys getting together in next April.


Capt CP Vinod, 1809/88 & Cdr MH Rajesh 1939/89

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