Onam 2014 will be never-seen-before event at the Sainik School Kazhakootam campus, going by the multi-pronged approach in organising a memorable day of festivities for the Sainik School community by Kazhaks 90, as always, in close co-ordination with the school management.

As the organising batch for the OBA Reunion in 2015, and armed with a truckload of ideas ( which is usually the case with all the batches when it comes to the alma mater ), the aim was to explore and facilitate outreach programs on three levels for every month, leading up to the OBA Reunion Day in 2015.

Drawing up a fairly “do-able” series of activities for the time-period, August 2014 saw the revival and introduction of the Community Newsletter, adapted for the digital age, which we intent to sustain and pass on to more capable hands after the Reunion in 2015.

Onam Celebrations 2014 at Sainik School Kazhakootam Campus

The obvious choice for September was the festival of Onam, and we set out to put together an day of festivities in the school campus that had fun written all across it. In close consultation with the school management team, here is what we have planned for 3rd September, 2014, dedicated to celebrating Onam at the Sainik School campus, for the entire school community.

Inter-house Athapookkalam Competition with a difference

Onam 2014-Rolling trophy-Sainik School Kazhakootam
Trophies for Sainik School Kazhakootam
We have stepped in and scaled up the color and scope of the Athapookalam competition format that has been held amongst the cadets, re-constituting it in a refreshing format.

Beginning with the Onam 2014 celebrations, the Athapookkalam competition would be amongst 4 categories ( Holding, Sub-junior, Junior and Senior Houses ) with the winners taking home each a Rolling Trophy sponsored by the Class of 1990, Sainik School Kazhakootam. There are four trophies to be won, one for each category, which we have instituted in honor and remembrance of two of our batchmates who are no more with us, and two of our favorite teachers.

From Kazhaks 90

1. Jitendra Nath ( R No 1975 )
2. Tom George ( R No 2050 )

From Our Teachers

1. Mr. Simon Peter (Late), our Librarian
2. Mr KB Rao , our Art Master

The festivities will begin as early as 0730 hours in the morning on 3rd September, 2014, starting with the Inter-house Athapookkalam Competition in 4 categories, followed by a host of interesting group sport competitions in and around the Cadets’ Mess involving the Teaching staff, students and other members of the Sainik School community, culminating in the Grand Onam Sadya at 1230 hrs at the Cadets’ Mess.

[symple_toggle title=”The Publicity Poster for the Inter-house Athapookkalam Competition”]
Athapookalam Competition-SSKZM Onam 2014

The Onam Sadya 2014 for the Sainik School Community

Onam celebrations
The Onam Sadya which has been a low-key affair has been given a fresh lease of life beginning this year onwards. Working closely with the Sainik School management, the Class of 1990 has ensured that this time around, the Sainik School Onam Sadya will be a an event to remember.

With 27 accompaniments and 2 varieties of payasams for dessert, we expect over 1000+ delighted and fed up souls post the lunch on September 3, 2014.

[symple_toggle title=”The Publicity Poster for the Onam Sadya 2014 at SSKZM”]
Onam Sadya 2014-SSKZM-Poster
The response from the school management and the cadets have swept us off our feet – it has been an overwhelming and humbling experience.

The event updates and the future programs charatered for the coming months would be regulary updated through these columns, and we are convinced, that with the Old Boys Association’s unconditional and sustained support, along with the co-operation by the Sainik School community, the OBA Reunion in 2015 will be historic, in every sense of the word.

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  1. Very thoughtful of the class of 90 batch. keep up the good work and wish you the very best in all your endeavours. superb spirit.
    god bless you all.

    1. You have always been an inspiration, Sir, to Kazhaks.Always a pleasure to know that you are a call away.

  2. Great effort Kazaks 90. Fresh ideas to re energise the bonds with the school. Al the best for your endeavours.

    1. Thank you Roy, for your continued support in all initiatives that strengthen bonding and add more value to the Kazhak community.

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