PC Satheesh Chandran
Founder Secretary of the SSKZM OBA
Buddies, the founder secretary of our OBA and one of the most illustrious Old Boys of all, PC Satish Chandran, (yes, the very same from All India Radio), passed away the night of 21 January, 2011.Satheesh Chandran was serving as the Assistant Director of All India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram. Besides sports commentary, Satheesh Chandran had left an indelible mark in radio plays and was a recipient of Kerala Sahithya Academy award. Request all our batchmates , or for that matter whoever is in Thiruvanathapuram to please make sure at least a representative of our batch attend and convey our heartfelt condolences.

This is the address.
Meghna, ARRA-166
Kalakaumudi Press Road, Kumarapuram, M C PO,
Kerala, India, 695 011
0471 2446797, 2449750

The funeral procession leaves at 10 am today, January 23, 2011. Cremation is at Thycaud, by 12 pm.

PC Satish Chandran’s passing in the Asianet News Hour Bulletin.

Doordarshan Thiruvanathapuram on Satish Chandran’s passing.

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  1. Meeting him in the 90’s for the first time was an enriching experience. With him, the conversation was always a rollicking one, as he regaled you with little jokes, incidents and things that usually happen around us. He had a keen sense of observation and quite a comical view of things, sometimes reducing the apparently important things to their right place in the scheme of things. More than all that, he was an affectionate man and listened to you keenly, all attention. Being a junior by many years hardly was something he noticed about you and he had this audacity to forgo social conventions and deal with you as an equal. Last year, I met him for the last time at this TVM chapter meet in Varkala and, in spite of his fragile health, he spent a good half an hour with me, talking about things various. He invited me to visit the TVM FM station since I was really curious about how things work there and, now that will never happen. Will miss him and his endearing talk. RIP.

    1. Satish Chandran to us was this big affectionate giant in the galaxy of ‘popular old boys from SSKZM who always sat in the left extremity onstage for OBA commemorative meetings and regaled us with one anecdote every meeting which usually sent the audience guffawing. It never changed. Though I never had the chance to speak to him or interact with him in person, one came to know about his immense creative contributions to the cultural ethos of the common Malayali though the medium of radio, once we we were out in the real world. His Radio Ammavan can never be equaled in its legendary status in Radio. Rest in Peace Chief !

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