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This is my attempt to pen a few words about one of the most important persons in my life.

On 16 Sep 2017, 5 PM, I lost one whom I most respected, who was my staunch well wisher, my eternal guide, my Godfather. He was my maternal grand uncle, fondly known as Ramani Mama.

A man of astute principles, honesty, honour,  he was also a man of few words, but extremely focused on execution of any task in hand. He was also known for his temper.

He was one of the seven pillars of ideology ( my grandmother and her 3 elder brothers and 3 younger brothers), for  whom I have always accorded the greatest respect. Ramani mama was my grandmother’s immediate younger brother. I have seen in him what a maternal uncle means to his sister’s family in a traditional matriarchal Nair family.

He was as down-to-earth as they come, and kept whatever things he owned in very good condition by periodically cleaning, servicing and maintaining them. I remember how he used to maintain his bicycle to near perfection. I was told by my grandma that he never hesitated to sweep the house interiors and exteriors and was a very unassuming person.

He has always been there with his unconditional support and guidance, during my tough childhood life in a boarding school , during my college days, during my airforce career, while choosing my life partner, for conducting my marriage with a precision  and has been proud of my achievements in life, small or big. He had that strong belief in me which always gave me the strength.

The chemistry and the strong bonding that we had perhaps brought me to be with him on his last day, in a hospital bed. It was perhaps his unconditional and steadfast love that made him recognise me, listen to me from a state of memory loss and unconsciousness, that I can only try to imagine. I thank God for having given me those golden few moments with him and I will cherish it for a lifetime. When I said goodbye before leaving the hospital at 1 pm, I told him to get well soon and come home to which he nodded his head in an affirmative grunt. Atleast, that was what I made it to be . Little did I know that it were his last few hours in this world.

He must be watching from up there , joining hands with his 3 elder brothers and elder sister, as the eternal light of guidance and love!

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