War Memorial - Sainik School Kazhakootam
The way our memories go, the place where the War Memorial rests now was just another patch of bramble bush, sticky clay and hidden adventures, and ¬†looking at the awe-inspiring ceremonies that the place bear witness to, one can’t help but be caught in an immense choking sense of pride !

I wish we had done that in our times, the Gun Salute I mean. Other than shooting mangoes in the Firing Range next to the ‘Piggery’ AND mortally scaring a whole bunch of inmates there, I cannot for the life of me recall a decent drill maneuver ever taught with the good old Enfield .303 in our NCC days.

Which also bring back the memories of the portly, benign, ferocious looking Subedar Major Bhika Chaskar ( I wonder where he is now?) whose bellows often sent the eucalyptus tress around the parade ground into clinical depression and temporary hearing loss.

We often dreamt of having vocal cords that could be as concussive as his.

Though a part of me sometimes falls into unreasonable sadness looking at the incessant march of the Glass and Chrome brigade through the campus environs, there is also an immeasurable sense of pride when one witnesses edifices such as these that stand sentinel to those few guiding principles that we took with us as we passed through the rusty gates , out, for the final time.

The Laying the Wreath ceremony at the War Memorial at Sainik School, Kazhakootam Campus.

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