Dear Kazhaks of the batch who joined in 1983 (courtesy Vinu PR),

I am addressing this way purposefully as Vinu PR who joined us for OBA for the first time made a very valid point.Vinu PR “When you say, in the usual OBA norms, the batch of 90, that means students who graduated in 1990. Then what about those of our batch-mates who left in 1988 and before that ? And those who went to the junior batches ?” When we include them as part of this family it looks more appropriate to call ourselves, the batch of 1983! Anyway we continue to call ourselves as the batch of 1990 (else there would be conflicts with the naming convention followed so far) which includes all who joined SSKZM in 1983!

The 4 new faces for the OBA 2011 from our batch were Vinu PR (does anyone recall his school nickname?) , Vittil, Lijo and Dinesh M (what was his ?). I think I should add all the nicknames as an additional column in the the database which I have collected :). Even though they joined us now, they were as enthusiastic, if not more as the regular attendees. That shows the Kazhak spirit. Dinesh joins with our batch-mates after 21 years so he deeply satisfied himself by calling 21 people “MyRay” ( an exotic term of endearment with anatomical roots ) which includes our batch, senior and junior batches. What a innovative and heart warming idea ! As a matter of fact, we feel so obsessed being addressed with such soothing words that we feel disappointed if there is a deviation. Like I was surprised when B replied saying “Parayada” instead of the usual “Parayada Patti”.

Back to being 12-year olds.

I tried to take revenge on Vittil by trying to twist his arm as he had twisted my arm in 6th standard which was painful (what a memory)! But this 4-1/2 ft guy is so tough that Icould not twist it at all even though I put all my weight on it. Perhaps I should have tried to twist something else which was weaker instead of tit for tat 🙂 In the evening, this guy had already emptied most of the whisky, vodka and brandy bottles around and would have loved if the entire Kazhakootam beach was full of whisky instead of water! Mr. CA, salute to your capacity. Its not that I am underestimating others who gave equal company to this Mr. CA!

Next time we should have a cot in a AC room with a spring bed, lot of thick pillows, with a 3 inch smoke pipe outlet to make Vinu Sagar happy. All the time he would be either lying down or smoking or both. He must have been damn tired of driving down the other 4 studs all the way from Aluva to Thiruvananthapuram and with the thought of driving them back too in his spacious Jetta! And yes he was addressed with great respect as the senior most among us by none other than our Jain VP. The instant expression of shock and utter disbelief on Sagar’s face was a sight to see! However that did not motivate him enough to leave his current obsession of lying down face flat on the not-so-cushy bed.

In the photo where you see the four MatsyaKumarans (another term of endearment) frolicking in the wild sea, I was particularly watchful on Durva (CS) as I did not want to repeat the almost “Moonnam Pakkam” of 1988 in the same beach. That day Tojy was there to save him and so in his absence I took the responsibility. However he was hardly bothered and went on having fun flashing his global brand underwear “Hanes”. You would see the sexy photos of Durva when Vittil posts all his snaps.

Marina was the only lady representative from the family side of our batch. She was also our official photographer and has clicked many precision angled and timed photographs of OBA 2011. Wait for Lijo’s posting. I heard that the much appreciated local drummers who put up a good entertainment at the ground for all the crowd, found Marina more entertaining. They kept on asking many questions and Marina was not getting the right words to give answers. Wish she could speak fluent Malayalam apart from English and Russian.

Palm Leaves Beach Resort KazhakootamThe Palm Leaves Resort at the Kazhakootam beach was a beautiful property except for the figures of the agreed rent. Thanks to Jain and Premdas who arranged it. Anybody who would like to spend a day or two with family, I would recommend the place. There are rooms for Rs 1600 and Rs 2000, delicious food and good service. The property opens out to the beach, which however, is NOT a private beach. For the next year, Tharian proposes his equally beautiful and spacious Bungalow in Kottarakara at 1/4 the cost and ultimate hospitality. Also, Thanks to Lijo and Tharian for the liquor logistics and which nearly satisfied the “Tankers”.

Lijo was the one who spent maximum time at the school participating in as many events as possible to understand how a OBA is conducted. The usual Fauji spirit! He was equally trying to be with his family which included his Dad, mom, Sis, B-in-law. That made him miss the late evening fun we had together. We missed those regulars who could not make it this time like MS, Unni, PC, Tojy et al. Of course we had some serious discussions on the 2015 OBA which we would sponsor. It was so intensive that even people like Vinu Sagar and Vittil were concentrating on it lying face flat on the bed! The discussions are minuted by our eminent linguist, Durva. It will be floated on the site soon.

I have been addressing Sajith as Durva. but do not be surprised by the inner calm that he has attained so far. When we were emptying the liquor after the beach session in a noisy environment, Durva was meditating at the beach with only the sound of the sea waves. Those interested can hear more from him directly. I seem to have missed out to mention 2 important and omnipresent guys- B and Vaal. B came in his budhi jeevi style with a khadar style kurta and Jeans. Sporting long side burns, and ooshan thaadi and of course with that typical quizzical look of his which almost seem to spell out the magic words that starts every conversation with him – Parayada PATTI!

PSu Speaketh
PSu Speaketh

He is the batch SPIDER who is spinning the Kazhaks90 web of which other batch folks are jealously appreciative. All the social communication technologies weaved together with a plethora of ideas which if not put in layman terms I cannot understand. He has already firmed up the design of our memento, OBA 2015 apparel etc. No wonder he is the Big B! He got a slot in the OBAEC meeting in the auditorium to speak on his idea of spinning a web to which not only the 90 batch is caught but the entire SSKZM folks who can then interact seamlessly by click of a button. What a long term vision and he deserved the slot to speak. Of course he was complaining that he did not get a direct invitation to speak from the OBAEC members but was just informed by Soni Somarajan  of the 1991 batch. However on his insistence, he agreed to speak his idea to the audience. He started with a complaint that in spite of 3 approaches he did not get access to OBA yahoo group, there is no avenue to get info of OBA as well as SSKZM events and news. He was unhappy that the existing live is being discontinued, being the only instrument through which he could proudly share with his family and friends about his Alma Mater. So in his inimical style he started with a problem which then should have led to the solution- his firm idea of this one big web where he would weave all the batch groups, social forums etc so that batches can communicate across each other rather limiting themselves within the batch. But to my horror he kept stressing on the problem and the already greedy and starving ‘august audience’, dreaming of the Pork in the mess, stopped him before he could come out with the solution. Daande Kidakkunnu our Vision. Really disappointing! However knowing him, he would never leave at it. He would get to the green room guys in the OBA and sell his idea. Good luck B!

Laughter Follows Him The good news is that our Vaal has been appointed as the Batch representative of 1991-1995 for the 4th consecutive time. He is definitely a good source of latest information on OBA and SSKZM. Vaal, I should appreciate his magnanimity, is doing equal justice and showing equal interest in both the batches 1990 and 1991. He comes and the audience becomes a laughter club. No holds barred guy who always makes our get together lively. However he is being beaten black and blue by his little son. He is fed up and is going to resort to “chooral” for his defence. After all there is somebody who can straighten this Vaal! Keep going buddy, make the batch proud.

As I mentioned about the Palm leaves resort, you also could satisfy your taste for Botany in the botanical garden just next to the resort. Jain, CT, Durva the die hard botany fans and me (the least knowledgeable on orchids et al) tagging along went to satisfy our hunger for beauty of Nature to the botanical garden only to find it closed! However I got some gyan from these stalwarts. Also we saw some more at Jain’s friends place – coconut tree whose fruits are at ground level! Amazing!

Ithi Vaarthaha.

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  1. I support the proposal that this site must be developed as the OB’s site..
    It must also be given an honorarium as deemed fit to run it!

    Great to see Vinu after ages!


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