The Immaculate Shine

[ The Immaculate Shine is a tribute to the fighting spirit and inspiring life of MP Anil Kumar ( Roll No 1122 from the Class of 1982 / PRASAD House ) who was left paralyzed below the neck at the age of 24 as a result of a motor accident on road. For the past 19 years he is at the military’s Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and has become an inspiration to many in the manner in which he has picked up the threads of his life. The Class of 1990 has been trying to bring together his entire body of work online, a work in progress, which you can access here. ]

He lived his vow, bound by it,

in his deeds as much as his words,

the call of destiny that forged a young cadet,

nurtured by the warmth of his Alma Mater,

to face the dare of hardships and sacrifice,

the call inevitable from the skies above, to guard

the nation, he answered with pride,

a life led by true grit,traversed with singular courage,

to know him is a revelation of greatness,

and I remember the day I first heard of him,

of the sun gone pale, and the night,

with its glittering stars, standing mute

as the future crashed before its time,

culled by destiny to a stillness least desired,

the steely desire lives on though, a life expressed

in writing, a daring saga of action and adventure,

a candle to the world, an inspiration

and a true celebration of life,

the shining light, the pride of our Alma Mater,

a badge of courage that leads us all Kazhakians.

Jai Hind

2 Responses

  1. Dear MH,

    MP Anil Kumar remains to be a source of inspiration and continue to touch lives in ways beyond our regimented sense of imagination. Glad to know that this online habit has been successful in bringing the comfort levels that we so enjoyed in the dorms and the common rooms. Let the Spirit reign.. 🙂


  2. very astute of you to do this piece.

    i have had the honor of visiting mp sir twice.

    have come back stronger after both visits.

    i am sure your site serves many more than just the 1990 lot!

    it makes me feel i’m having friendly chat with you guys as we used to in the 80s.

    keep up the great spirit.

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