All hell broke loose! Mukkulam got assaulted again,   and this time there was more shouting which also sounded different to different corners of the Class. To me, it sounded like “Muthale sketch cheyyu!! Pinne paint adikku!!” {Sketch your picture first, THEN paint!}

This “new process” just relayed, was closely analysed by a consortium of ‘differently abled’ and a few nearly differently abled group in the matters of art. After deep deliberation and rumination,  a delegation decided to approach K Satheesh, who, in those days was in a deep meditative fugue in the Art Class, engrossed in creating an epic , to be cherished for ages to come !

He was trying to copy a very complicated Vedic scene. Day after day, he made exquisite progress, from the crown, he progressed to then the gadda, sketched the armor, shield,  all of which of course with the printed picture exactness. A trifle irritated by the sudden disturbance to his deep fugue, and  to appease the demanding crowd, he quickly sketched a landscape, with a Jeep plying over a bridge as the central theme, and handed it over to Roy, dismissing the crowd back to their seats.

Confident of the new development, and a better creation, sure to get  his  first ever approval from Rao Sir, Roy finished off with the surroundings first and set out to apply water color on the Jeep in the picture. But in his growing excitement , the paint  brush seemed to resonate with the same,  and wandered in bits outside of the periphery of the sketch, such that the rectangular hood now seemed not exactly that, but a tad circular ! The body of the Jeep also had suffered the same deformation which he managed to revert as he reached for the tires, leaving the circular tires a bit squarish. The white paint of the bridge encroached into the black tires’ area at places, and presented itself as white patches on the now squarish tires.

With the finished picture, Roy approaches Rao Sir, with his House boat shoes going clickety-clack, spreading out his masterpiece for the latter’s scrutiny. Rao Sir’s Metre -long Ruler   fell with an unsympathetic thwack on Mukkulam, and was broken. Roy went airborne, accompanied by Rao Sir’s scream,”Aanakkevadada valu? “{How can you miss the tail of the elephant?}

A dismissed, dejected Roy, stands there, chuckling his signature one, as he regains his balance.

KB Rao Sir, reaches for his black sketch pen and  draws  an elephant’s tail to his Roy’s master piece Jeep on the bridge and deposits it safely in his Students’ Work tray.

Decades have passed by. I am pretty much sure that   this particular picture would be residing in one dank corner of the Art Class, biding its time, rising in value, and I swear if it can be somehow be retrieved back from the school’s archives, I am ready with my life’s savings to join everyone in the bid for it.

Here is to you, brother Roy. Buddy, Friend and Art-challenged like me.

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  1. Rao Sir is not spotted in the group photo of our teachers!
    Unfortunately I do not have incidents in the art class which I can even vaguely remember to put me in splits!

    1. PSu, I plan to visit him on my next trip down to Kerala/Kochi. Owe a lot to him.If you can dig up another class photo from another batch through the local body OBA chapters, please do get it.We could splice it off from that.

    1. Saju, you forgot the Flying Blackboard Duster that followed them!!Those works of ART created in the Crafts class and distributed to all class rooms, free of cost..!!Man, the number of dusters we made 😀

  2. Once again, thanks Biju.
    For the wonderful editing
    I only sketched it but you painted it bright
    Wonderful job
    Thanks once again

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