Faujified in the Art Class
It wasn’t  just adultery that roamed the dark corners of the Art Class. At times when Roy was around in session, even medieval torture and eerie natural forces made their presence felt too. It also had its surprising after-effects. Art Class gave me one of my staunchest allies in my gleeful journey to depravity,  my thicker-than-blood-brother, dear Mukkulam aka Roy V Mathew.

Roy, if you are reading this somewhere, bear with me, my apologies for what I am to share right now with the ones who never knew. You see, I wasn’t the only one ‘differently abled’ in the Art Class, I soon discovered Roy was equally ‘challenged’ too. I might take the liberty here of grading him shades darker, than my capabilities, going by the sheer number of canings,whacks, thwacks and assorted physical responses that Mr.KB Rao used to inflict on him in comparison.

A ‘Whack’  on the head from Mr. KB Rao on Roy (who was referred to as Mukkulam- the place he hailed from, for some strange reason- I never remember him calling Vishnu, “Varkala” !), was like watching a bizarre stop-motion ballet with a strange grace of its own. Roy would propel himself, pedaling  high in the air, and would land back on the ground, one foot after the other with his ‘house boat’ shoes sending out a medley of  sound that included metal, grunts, shrieks, squeals all held together in the tensed silence of the Class.

It would take a while for Roy to regain his balance, each step of that the act was punctuated with the  successive thuds of his ‘house boat’ sized shoes. Roy was tall and heavy set, built like a wry oak, for his age. You get the idea.  But as Rao Sir passed by, his ‘Mukkulam’ would turn back at us and chuckle.

A word about that chuckle. Roy’s base of the nose would go curling up, making the tip of it pointing down, and three parallel lines of wrinkles forming on the flaps of the nose and some more of it towards the lower temple between the eyes, upper lips would draw up towards the bridge of the nose narrowing the gap between them. The finale was  a beautiful array of milky white teeth as his lower lip curled downwards making the jaw smaller and firm. This signature chuckle was Roy’s way of sending out a clear, silent and defiant statement to Mr. KB Rao which meant “No force on Earth is going to make be submit to your devious unmoulding and remolding business through your paint-and-paper conditioning, Chief ! I will stay the same Roy, come what may!

All through this symphony, the rest of the class would have suddenly found something so universally interesting in their respective creations or desk surfaces, mostly staring at the  white sheet of paper pinned on to the drawing board which seemed to scream back at  us “Swear to God, you rape us guys and He will send the Archangel after you.” Mostly, after Rao Sir  had finished administering the regular dosage of rogering, ‘Mukkulam’ usually regained  his composure, sometimes gazing back at him pensively, which would unsettle Rao Sir who would  then put forth  a feeble, repentant and kind reply; “Matthave “, he would admonish,( Rao Sir used to get terribly confused between the terms Mukkulam and Mathachan, another buddy in class) “Muthale paint adikkuvoda? ” {Mathaave, why do you start painting before sketching out your picture?”}

Reveling in the sudden love and consideration, Roy swoops in, promptly snatches my sheet of paper and goes on to create an impression, with swift strokes of paint, drenched in black, resulting in a creation that to me, felt like “two hand-saws kept at  an angle, connected to a pillow, followed by a rope! I was amazed. Here is Roy, creating beauty under pressure ! He aptly titled this exquisite creation as ‘Muthala‘ ( Crocodile), and scrambles   to Rao Sir’s huge, expansive table, and religiously, sagely, wisely, pensively, spreads it in front of him, for his perusal.

You could hear a dragonfly fart in the next few nanoseconds. What happened next was thinkable!

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6 Responses

  1. Yeah Vijay,
    lets start the mission right here, right now…..
    if anyone can give some valuable leads pl butt in.
    otherwise lets get his home address and arrange for someone to enquire on behalf of us.
    anyone there who can give mukkulam’s res add pl?

  2. M, thats so true. Whether we liked it or not, our childhoods have played a definitive role in what we are now and will be, and I am ever thankful, it has been with a bunch like this..!:D

  3. I fully agree in that Roy was a gem when it came to humility and honestly I still remember some of it when you get bashed up for issues that are beyond my control. The thoughts going back brings about a smile and I tell myself, move on!!. Thanks Prince for bringing this up, appreciate! Lot of stuff that you do today and think is part of you basically comes about from the learning in your younger days, at least for me!

  4. But whatever, where ever he is, he is such a wonderful human being and I am quite sure, armed with his completely unassuming nature, he will be leading a much fuller and meaningful life than most of us who are trapped in this scheming world. The most prominent positive attribute of his character is that he is ego less or may be he is strong enough not to show it to others.
    Ego is like underwear, everyone should have one but should refrain from exposing it to others.

    Roy was so strong that he could carry on without exposing his grimmer colors to anyone.

    That’s why he could suffer all of us and the system for so long and never forgo his innocent smile.

    i consider myself quite privileged to have come across someone like my dear friend Mukkulam..

    Prince Jose

  5. Hilarious moments with Roy in class. I vaguely remember his chronicles in J S Iyer’s english class. Iyer Sir did all his best to teach him english in class 6. He would point to the wall and with all other accompanying actions and would say to Roy- “Go to the wall”. However Mathaichan just stands there frozen as if he is hearing some Latin & Greek abuses!! I think even CVSN also had lot of trouble in getting math into Roy’s head !

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