The 45th Reunion of the Old Boys Association will be held on 28 June, 2014 at the Sainik School Kazhakootam Campus, as per the invite and program published jointly by the school authorities and the OBA Executive Committee.

The Class of 1989 would be sponsoring / co – hosting this year’s Old Boys Reunion, titled Rendezvous 2014, and the Deputy Chief of Army Staff ( P & S ) Lt Gen C Ananda Krishnan UVSM, AVSM has consented to be the Chief Guest for the reunion event. The Deputy Chief of Army Staff is himself an Old Boy of the school ( R No 514 ), from the Class of 1972. The event will open at 8 a.m. with a guard of honour presented to the chief guest followed by wreath laying at the ‘Hut of Remembrance.’

An open-air class room, a motivation hall and a renovated staff room are to be inaugurated as part of the reunion. The 45th Reunion holds special significance to the the Class of 1990 ( Kazhaks90)  on two levels, the first one being that it is sponsored by our immediate Seniors , and hence is a bunch of UpperClassmen who have been our closest allies from the School Years, and is hence an occasion of pride for us too.

The second, and if things go as planned, would be an momentous occasion ( a pivot in the tradition of the OBA, if we could say so ) is to pass the motion of having the OBA Reunion Day shifted to a more convenient day for Old Boys and families from all domains to attend the event at a time of the year that is convenient in all respects. And if it is tabled and passed, the Class of 1990 would be sponsoring the new order of the Old Boys Reunion day from 2015 onwards – a historical moment for all of us.

Remembering MP Anil Kumar – The Chairborne Warrior

This OBA Reunion Day will also be sadly mark the 26th anniversary of the freak mishap that transformed the life of one of our most illustrious Old Boy, former fighter pilot M P Anil Kumar, who was left paralyzed below the neck at the age of 24, and whose later years made him an inspiration to many in diverse corners of the planet, in the manner in which he has had picked up the threads of his life. He passed away on 20 May 2014, after a brief battle with with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, at the MH (Military Hospital), Kirkee. The Motivation Hall that will be inaugurated will be dedicated to Anil Kumar’s belongings. The equipment that will be on display include his computer, a writing board, an automatic page turner and a ‘mouthwriting’ stand which he initially used.[ Know all about MP Anil Kumar here.]

The Class of 1990 have been quietly putting together his legacy, for the world to know and learn, in a manner befitting to the wonderful, kindred soul he was, online. It is a special Reunion Day for us, undoubtedly.

The OBA Reunion Day Invite and Program

[symple_tab title=”OBA Reunion 2014 – Invite”]
The OBA Reunion-2014 - Sainik School Kazhakootam -Invite
[symple_tab title=”OBA Reunion 2014 – Program”]
The OBA Reunion 2014-Sainik School-Kazhakootam-Program

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