Is the Sainik School Kazhakootam campus slowly becoming a glorified junk-yard of our vintage armaments ? Going by the regularity at which war-hulks from vintage years keep popping up at different corners of the campus through the years, one can’t help but wonder bemusedly.

With the latest addition ( we are talking about June 2013 ) here, these are what we have on campus as permanent exhibits :

  1. A Harvard Mk IV Trainer [ the Patriarch (!) who finally has found his final resting place flanking the School Auditorium. ]
  2. An HAL HF-24 Marut, slightly away from the Patriarch [ identified as D 1227 from old photographs  Disputed.]
  3. A Vijayanta Mark I battle tank, further down the Marut Jet [ a 1971 Indo-Pak war veteran with its main gun still “hot” ]
  4. Two RZ-13 SAMs ( Surface to Air Missiles ), fixed flanking the battle tank
  5. An HAL HPT-32 Deepak, right where the old Boxing Ring had been, flanking the VKK Auditorium on the other side.
  6. Two ship propellers.

The now-demolished outdoor-Boxing-Ring-of-Sainik-School-Kazhakootam

The Outdoor Boxing Ring – Now History.

The Harvard was brought in the 70’s into the Sainik School campus, the Marut somewhere in 2007 or early 2008 1990 – 91 ( Thanks Neel ! ), the battle tank in mid-2012 and the HPT-32 in June 2013. Wish these relics in the campus, rather than stay as vanity show pieces, also become subjects of curiosity and learning – there is a lot of history and physics there, for starters, if you ask us.

We also hope they be maintained well rather than become the cannibalised hulk the Harvard ended up in its tenure at the Campus.

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  1. Dear sir, just to clarify, I am positive that the number is indeed D-1227, there is no dispute with that. I have spent many an afternoon hour in the cockpit, pretending to be a fighter pilot. I used to climb in through the missing panel door where the retractable Matra rocket pack would have been. There is an embossed plate just behind the cockpit which gives the the aircraft type and, also the number.

  2. There is a factual error in this article. The HF-24 Marut Mk1 was brought to the school sometime in 1990-91. It was given it’s current display props and support sometime in 1991-92. Initially it had a faded green two tone camouflage colour scheme which was changed many a time, often with little thought given to preserving the warbird. The number D-1227 was painted over during one of those paint jobs. Even though it is sad to see a fighter jet painted in ridiculous colours, the fact that it is given a coat of paint to resist the elements is heartening.

    1. Dear Neel,
      Thank you so much for writing in and help getting the year right. With regard to the Registration Number, the archives on HF-24 Marut Mk1 available online point to the ‘D’ Series as the aircraft series’ registration, and there is a D-1227 present, but to positively identify that the bird with this series registration is the one in the school campus, would require some more diggin’ through :), maybe at the school archives, which, shall we say, is fairly impossible. Most of the HF-24 Marut Mk1 references online have the D Series as its native registration.There is also a possibility that the over-zealous Picasso who did the paint job took the reference from the existing decals and did his artistic version of it too. Perfectly agree with you on the hideous paint-jobs our campus war-birds have gone through.But, thankfully it has helped it last.

      Thanks again.

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