In our ongoing engagement with the existing student community of our alma mater, the Class of 1990 has immense pleasure in hosting a ‘Companion Program’ of two related subjects in popular culture – film & music, as an event that will run from March through October 2015. The Campus Film Festival will be a unique event for Indian school campuses, which, once realised, would set a benchmark for other educational institutions to replicate across the state and the country.
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From 1 March 2015 – 30 October 2015

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Award-winning Features & Documentaries

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Starts Off on 1 March, 2015

Titled the Loud Screen Film Festival, this is also the embodiment of the Sainik School idea of extending knowledge beyond classroom walls to enhance the lives of its Cadets and the immediate nurturing community in campus, with a commitment to public screening of films (both Feature & Documentary) that would otherwise go unseen in their engagements in popular culture.
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Loud Screen 2015-Campus Film Festival
Arguably the first dedicated Campus School Film Festival in India, This unique event will feature a series of short film programs and feature films – carefully curated by subject & content experts – will inspire a spirit of inquiry in our young audience. The films’ content will take the school community on a vibrant voyage around the world with thought-provoking themes.
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A panel discussion which would include principal crew members will be held after each screening. These sessions will offer the young viewers an opportunity to discover new perspectives. This includes workshops with documentary & feature directors and subject experts who will engage with the audience in a meaningful way to provide deep insights into various issues.

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We have been extremely fortunate to have the Kerala Chalachitra Academy, along with the Banner Film Society extend their whole-hearted support in terms of selection & curation of content, and co-ordinating the creators and principals for interaction with the student community. Subject experts & principals currently offering guidance to the proposed project include Rajeev Nath (who is a SSKZM alumnus), the Chairman of the KCA, Oindrilla Hazra Pratapan – Deputy Director, Festival at the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, and the Banner Film Society.

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Location : Sainik School Kazhakootam Campus
Focal Space : VKK Auditorium
Projection Equipment : As available in the VKK Auditorium, anything needed additionally will be brought by the Kerala Chalachitra Academy
Seating / Power / Audio : Existing Resources at VKK Auditorium
Hosts : The SSKZM Community
Execution : Kerala Chalachitra Academy & The Banner Film Society,

The Selected Feature Films and Documentaries Film Festival

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