The Batch of 1986 pays tribute.

The Class of 1986 from Sainik School, Kazhakootam, carried out the lighting of flame ceremony in memory of their departed classmates – Jawahar N Rao (1626) and Shyam R J (1654) – at Kochi on 29 December 2011.

In the Beginning was the Sainik School Entrance Test.

That intimation from the school in the capital, must have come on a day, as ordinary and yet filled with the excitement of the growing years. It must have been brought to your attention by your father or mother, as you came in, muddy and disheveled after an evening’s worth of game in your neighborhood playground. He would have probably called you to the living room, and with equal parts of pride and paternal seriousness in his voice, would have matter-of-factly told you that you have got through the Nation wide entrance test to Sainik Schools, and that you should be joining there.