The Million-dollar-picture by a Man who wore House boat Shoes – 2.

He was trying to copy a very complicated Vedic scene. Dayafter day, he made exquisite progress, from the crown, he progressed to then the gadda, sketched the armor, shield, all of which of course with the printed picture exactness. A trifle irritated by the sudden disturbance to his deep fugue, and to appease the demanding crowd, he quickly sketched a landscape, with a Jeep plying over a bridge as the central theme, and handed it over to Roy, dismissing the crowd back to their seats.

The Million-dollar-picture by a Man who wore House boat Shoes -1.

It wasn’t just adultery that roamed the dark corners of the Art Class. At times when Roy was around in session, even medieval torture and eerie natural forces made their presence felt too. It also had its surprising after-effects. Art Class gave me one of my staunchest allies in my gleeful journey to depravity, my thicker-than-blood-brother, dear Mukkulam aka Roy V Mathew.

The Art Class and the Lessons in Adultery.

On the first day of my art class, I was given a huge white sheet of art paper, which, admittedly, I didn’t feel like spoiling by drawing on it ! Instead, I strongly felt that it would have been better put to use had it been issued to the students for wrapping up their books for safe upkeep. But there it was, spread in front of me, helplessly pinned down on the drawing board, waiting to be ravished and I never had even an iota of willingness to violate its purity.