Cross Country Races and shoulders to lean on

For all I know, the race was going to be the mother of all . I knew it since I watched being discussed endlessly and was being speculated to be a fight between yellow and green for the Cock House finish. The winner would claim and kiss the coveted Cock-House trophy for being the overall winner. The mounting desire that each cadet nurtured to out do each other was no hidden secret and I was no exception. Thus everyone got readied for this one last test. Route familiarization, rehearsals, strategies, pairings, were all being carried out with utmost precision.

Corrected Coffee, or how the Army will always be indebted to Pradeep CT.

It is a moonlit night around two decades ago, when CT, strongly supported by ones like me swoops in on a poor rooster caged in the campus bus driver’s residential quarters ( the C-type quarters). With required stealth and swiftness, its neck is grabbed before it could send out its signature sound ‘KOK’ and the same is surgically removed with the accompanying gush of blood . Like any good commando operation, things are pretty much planned in advance and hence the cooking site is catered with utensils, articles required for lighting fire and condiments – except the unavoidable aqua.