War relics galore at the Sainik School Campus

Wish these relics in the campus, rather than stay as vanity show pieces, also become subjects of curiosity and learning – there is a lot of history and physics there, for starters, if you ask us.

On GSP and enlightenment under a cashew tree

He remained our dear English teacher admired and loved by all. He was also our dear House Master. As I recollect now, most of the times I used to draw a blank on being quizzed on my lessons in the class. However I remember clearly this one occasion in the house study room while concluding the daily roll call on a Saturday evening he enquired “Who is this? The one who had not deposited with me the weekly letter home?”

SocksBall Cricket | Kazhak’s own IPL.

When they decided to make cricket more popular they came up with a form called IPL which had its own set of rules to start with. Team allegiances were changed and the country wise fan following were jeopardized by the affinity for the local team. Same happened in the backyard of the Houses of Kazhak when cricket had to be played. But we went a bit too far with modifications.

Bookends Theme | A Song that says it all.

I have often wondered, if there was to be one song that captured the essence of friendship, and the deep sense of fondness, affection and respect, what would it sound like? And my mind would always play back Simon & Garfunkel’s ” Old Friends/ Bookends Theme ” from their BOOKENDS album. It becomes all the more poignant with the musicians themselves, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, sharing a rare, fulfilling and unique relationship that started way back in 1957, and been around ever since.