War relics galore at the Sainik School Campus

Wish these relics in the campus, rather than stay as vanity show pieces, also become subjects of curiosity and learning – there is a lot of history and physics there, for starters, if you ask us.

Marching Ahead | The Final Cut

The project which overshot its timeline and allegedly its budget, leaping across some very generous estimates had found itself in a major roadblock with the final product, directed by Jubith Namradath.

The Immaculate Shine

He lived his vow, bound by it,
in his deeds as much as his words,
the call of destiny that forged a young cadet,
nurtured by the warmth of his Alma Mater,

OBA 2011 | Of Doorways, Pathways and Changes

Gone are the cast-iron single tables with their equally clumsy and heavy single chairs that once populated the cadets’ classrooms. The cold cement floor has gladly given way to its ubercool cousins, the walls are cheery and adorned with students’ creativity. We had complex patterns from pigeon excreta to power our drowsy Zoology afternoons.